Create a awesome software solution for your business that uses your unique business processes and our know-how.

Don’t get stuck with off the shelf software that only provides 70, 80 or even 90 percent of the solution your business requires. We develop custom software solutions that match your business processes exactly!

Using a mix of .NET Web Applications and Windows custom written programs that perform all of the background tasks, we will build you the complete solution that will have your team logging on to one location to perform their day to day tasks with little disruption to their work lives.

Over the last 20 years we have had experience in building solutions for businesses who come from a wide range of industries. From Hospitality (back of house), Off-road Caravans, Interior Design and Facilities Management to name a few, our exposure to building software that to match a diverse range of business processes has been has been challenging and rewarding.

Software that meets all your needs and just a little more!

Ready to create something great?

Yes, we are too!

As custom software designers who think on their feet and adapt to new requirements, we can design, develop and integrate anything. We have created awesome business apps, API’s that provide data to your partners and programs that automate your business processes. Some of these systems are used by over 1000 users at any given time.

Is your business growing?

Our solutions are built to grow with you.

Web based solutions are perfect because of their scalability. Starting out small and expanding is our specialty and over the years we have upscaled many apps to meet their new traffic requirements.

Fully supported after the build

You aren’t going to get every idea into the first take.

The Code Place are there for you after the initial build and implementation of your software solution. One of the questions we are constantly are asked starts with ‘Can make the software do …’ The answer is ‘Of Course’

Contact us to find out what the process is, estimated costs and how long it will take to build.

We guarantee you will be surprised at how easy it is to start. We can have you logging on and doing business more efficiently in 3-6 months.

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Case Studies

The Buy Force Group

Built in 2008 the BFLIVE is still providing excellent purchasing and costing tools for Chef’s, Franchise Owners, Hotel ChainsĀ  and Restaurant Managers around Australia

Australian Off Road

Australian Off Road make top of the range off-road caravans that Australians have been buying for over 15 years. We helped them keep track of sales, caravan builds and setup a helpdesk for their customers.

Total Install

TI provide Facilities Management services to the Australian Government, Telstra and other large corporates who need quality trades people onsite in a timely manner. We built a system for helping them keep track of these jobs.